The beginning of the path of cement in Baran Group

Ceremony of digging the construction of Baran Cement Factory, with the presence of the governor and managers of Hormozgan province

According to the Baran brand communication unit, at noon on February 7, 2015, with the presence of the governor of Hormozgan, the construction of the Baran cement factory in the city of Bandar Khamir began. The ceremony of digging the construction of Sefid Cement Factory, which will be constructed with an investment of 2 thousand billion Tomans of rain holding and an annual production capacity of 346 thousand tons, with the presence of Hormozgan governor, Moradi, representative of Hormozgan people The top managers of Baran Holding and the board of directors of Baran Cement Middle East Company were held.


According to the report, the CEO of the Middle East Rain Cement Company said at the ceremony: "This factory will be implemented on a 60-hectare land in a period of 36 months and will reach the operation stage."


Ahmad Payakdar Ardakani stated: This project will be constructed in two phases with the investment of Baran Group as the private sector and the initial capital of 1500 billion Tomans, and in the second phase, 500 billion Tomans will be spent for the production of credit limestone products. He added: "The daily production capacity of this factory is more than one thousand tons, and it is expected that out of about 346 thousand tons of white cement produced by this unit, 80% of the capacity will be exported to different countries." Also, with the construction of this factory, 300 people will be directly employed and up to 1000 people will be indirectly employed.


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